Head south of the U.S. border and emerge into the Central American peninsula. This mass of land is in between the  Carribean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. It has some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches.

As the fall season creeps up, this sea-surrounded penninsula stays warm throughout the latter part of the year. If you’re looking for a way to get beachin’ look no further than these Central American cities.

Parque Tayrona, Columbia

Tayrona is all about the outdoors; from hiking to beaching, this area is just a maze of mountains with beaches in between. The best way to experience the coast of this Columbia’s city is to plan a few days to spend at various beaches. There are all types of waterfronts, from relaxing resort style to huge boulders and waves it is important to experience the multitude in this amazing city.

Lima, Peru

This sea-side city is full of beautiful art, rich culture and amazing views. The most recommended eats are local ceviche and peruvian coffee. Grau Miraflores Park is a cliffside park overlooking the ocean and Larcomar is a seaside walkway for amazing views. This city is huge, therefore, any amazing way to get a beach vacation filled with culture and city life.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This sleepy island is off the coast of Cancun, and the perfect quiet getaway in an amazing destination. With white sands, amazing sea life, coral reefs and palm trees this is the perfect way to get a Yucatan vacation without the chaos of the busier Cancun. This area is also a great place to get that exotic vibe of a vacation on a tight budget.

Punta Uva, Costa Rica

The Costa Rican sea side fishing village that hugs the Caribbean Sea has an air of romance and luxury that is perfect for a South American getaway.  This area is no different than the lively culture in the rest of the country; amazing canopy of trees that boast zip lining adventures.

West Bay Beach, Honduras

Boasting some of the best snorkeling in the world with it’s crystal clear waters. Fishing and scuba diving are also past times for visitors to Honduras. When experiencing these underwater adventures you will see dolphins and sharks, sea turtles and moray eels, caves, 1000-foot coral walls and spectacular sea sponges.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Sitting on the Pacific Ocean, this beach is a great place for surfing and cliff diving. It has crystal clear waters and an immense jungle hugging the coast. There is a turtle breeding habitat south of the city that attracts visitors.

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