EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket, Washable, 4.5 lbs, 66″ x 90″ (Twin Size) – Olive Green

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Grey, Olive

Grey, Olive, Navy, Brown

Charcoal, Olive, Navy

Light Grey, Natural


80% Wool

90% Wool

100% Wool

100% Virgin Wool


4.0 LBS

4.5 LBS

5.0 LBS

5.0 LBS


66″ x 90″

66″ x 90″

66″ x 90″

66″ x 90″

Bed Size






Fire Retardant Free


Loom Woven

Loom Woven

Loom Woven

Loom Woven

Care and Washing RecommendationsCare and Washing Recommendations

Wool Detergent

Wool Detergent

Hand Wash

Hand Wash

Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Line Dry

Line Dry

Use a Wool Friendly Soap

We recommend using only a mild liquid soap or a wool specific detergent – no bleach or enzymes. Like all loom-woven blankets, it is normal for some minimal shedding and shrinkage to occur during the first few washes

Use Cold Water

To extend the life of your wool blanket, we recommend hand washing in cold water (a partially filled bathtub works great for this)

Use a Delicate Cycle

You may also machine wash your blanket separately in cold water using a gentle cycle – but do not use a washer that contains a center agitator. This blanket may also be dry cleaned if desired

Air Dry Without Heat

Use your washer’s spin cycle to remove excess water – then line dry or lay flat to dry away from direct heat. Do not tumble dry using heat. Once the blanket is dry – use the no heat ‘air fluff’ dryer cycle to ‘vacuum off’ any loose blanket fibers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve heard wool can be scratchy – how should I use my wool blanket for maximum comfort? A: We’d recommend keeping an additional layer of fabric between your skin and your wool blanket. For a chilly outdoor event – just wrap up and enjoy the coziness! For your sleeping bag – wrap the blanket around the outside of your bag for additional thermal insulation. For your bed at home – sandwich wool blankets between cotton sheets, other blankets and/or your bedspreadQ: Should I wash my EKTOS wool blanket before use? A: While you certainly can if you’d like – your blanket was pre-washed at the factory and does not need to be washed before useQ: How often should I wash my wool blanket? A: Wool blankets generally don’t need frequent washing – and will last longer by only doing so when it’s clearly needed. To maintain freshness we recommend periodically airing your blanket outside. Minor soiling can be gently brushed off – or sponged off with a damp clothQ: My wool blanket has an odor that I don’t like – what should I do? A: Firstly – please realize that wool itself certainly has a different smell to it than cotton or polyester – especially if it’s wet or damp. If there are any lingering odors you’d like to eliminate – the best remedy we’ve found is to let the blanket air outside in the sun for a day or twoQ: What’s the difference between your 80%, 90%, 100% and 100% virgin wool blankets? A: Besides the obvious material composition and weight differences – the biggest differentiating factor between them is the quality of the raw material inputs used to make them. A helpful rule of thumb: the higher the cost, the higher the quality of the wool yarns used. Also our top of the line 100% virgin wool blankets are unique in that they contain no recycled wool fibersQ: What temperatures are EKTOS wool blankets rated for? A: It’s difficult to give temperature ranges that are actually useful because of the subjective nature of what constitutes ‘warm’ from one person to another. Given this we’d recommend thinking of your sleep system in terms of layers. Too cold? Add a layer. Too hot? Remove one. Given the weight of EKTOS blankets and the unique properties of wool, we believe you’ll find them to be a valuable part of your layering strategyQ: Why are EKTOS 80% wool blankets dry clean only? A: Our 80% wool blankets are made from shorter length wool fibers. When washed, they can then shed and shrink a fair amount, so to prevent that issue we recommend dry cleaning them instead. Having said that, you can still wash them following the same instructions we give for our higher-end wool blankets – you just have to be ok with the extra shedding and shrinking involvedQ: Where are EKTOS wool blankets manufactured? A: In India, using wool from Indian sheep

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EKTOS Brand LogoEKTOS Brand Logo

PERFECT INDOORS OR OUTDOORS – EKTOS wool blankets are loom woven, ruggedly designed and finished on all sides. They get the job done equally well in the wilderness, your adventure van or the master bedroom. We’ve worked hard to make these blankets as soft, non-scratchy and odor free as possible (but hey – they’re still made from wool – see comfort tips in the FAQ below)
BREATHABLE WARMTH & COMFORT – If you’ve never slept with a wool blanket you are missing out! Wool has an almost magical ability to retain warmth, provide airflow, wick moisture, and regulate temperature – keeping you dry and comfortable while sleeping – and also making them a good year-round option. It’s the opposite of that hot sticky feeling (or that cold damp feeling) you can sometimes get with synthetic insulators
NATURAL BENEFITS – Wool is a time-tested natural insulator that can provide warmth even when it is wet. It also inherently resists static, fire and soiling. Choosing a blanket made from a natural, sustainable and renewable resource such as sheep wool is a great choice for both you and our planet
NO FIRE RETARDANT ADDED – Despite wool being naturally fire resistent, many blankets on the market still contain chemical flame retardants. Sleep easy knowing this blanket contains no added fire retardants
WASHABLE WOOL – EKTOS wool blankets are easy to care for (see below for detailed care and washing recommendations). Also, these blankets have already been triple-washed during production to make them softer, more odor free, and less susceptible to shedding or shrinking – so they are ready for use as soon as you receive them

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