Beach vacations are the perfect summer getaway; they allow relaxation and the opportunity to experience nature’s beauty. But oceanic habitats are at risk due to over population among beach communities and irresponsible activity from those who visit. Gone Beachin’s mission is to protect and preserve beaches as well as support the communities around them. Join our team in ensuring our beaches stay beautiful for years to come with these tips.

Dispose of trash properly

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A plastic sea… 😔 Let's be mindful of the plastic we use today! Let's reduce, reuse and recycle! 🙌 📷: @free_from_plastic

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When visiting the beach ensure you do not leave trash in the area. Oceanic habitats are endangered due to the amount of trash build up from landfill dumping. But also animals have been at risk because of trash left behind. Clean up all areas completely so the environment stays pristine.

Support companies that invest in beaches

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The Gone Beachin’ Tribe was created by @gonebeachin with a mission to help beach communities in need. When a potential ambassador signs up to join our tribe they are tasked with advocating the shoreline lifestyle with an effort to keep our beaches and communities beautiful. This ranges from picking up a piece of trash while they are walking along the shoreline to helping out with disaster relief efforts that impact beach communities. 10% of the net profits from every purchase go to helping out beach communities in need. Let’s do something good together. Join the Beachin’ Tribe and make a difference. #gonebeachin #beachintribe . . #ambassadorsearch #ambassador #brandambassador #beachin #beachlife #saltedlifestyle #beachday #beachcleanup #greatlakes #michigan #florida #california #australia #UK #texas #disasterrelief #helpingothers #charity #beaching #beachinit #beachparty #beachwear #beachy #beachday #beachclub

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Many companies and charities invest in the well-being of beaches around the world. Gone Beachin’ donates 10% of proceeds to helping beach communities and offers the opportunity to become an ambassador to further the mission of beach protection. Keep reading for ways to get involved as well as charities that are doing good for ocean.

Ditch plastic

Starbucks has recently jumped on board by phasing out plastic straws. Plastic is not biodegradable and causes harm to animals who think it is food or get entangled in plastic bags or lines. To best protect the ocean keep plastic away from the sea and minimize it’s use in your day to day life.

Adopt a beach

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seek to sea more 🌊☀️

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Adopting a beach is a great way to get involved with the community around you as well as preserve the beauty of beaches. You form a team, fill out information and set monthly clean ups. Organizations, companies and groups can adopt a beach together. Local Adopt a Beach organizations provides cleaning supplies. Check out more information here.

Respect natural areas

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life’s a beach, enjoy the waves 🌊☀️

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Natural reserves are protected for turtles who lay eggs on the shore and to protect beach species as well as the natural flow of the ocean wildlife. Do not feed animals on the beach, this disrupts their diet and can make them sick. Honoring these areas and keeping them untouched by commercialization and trash will ensure the protection of beach communities.

Support Eco-Friendly Companies

From restaurants who get fish and food sustainably to clothing companies who invest in their materials, choosing eco-friendly companies makes a huge difference in our beach habitats and the way businesses run. Research companies and restaurants that get their fish, produce and meat in an ethical manner. As well as products that are made sustainably. Choosing these options are an investment in your well being as well as our planets.

Join a beach clean up

Whether you are on vacation or live near the shoreline, check local updates for beach clean ups. This is a great way to keep the beaches clean and find like minded people!

Gone Beachin’ offers those who want to impact their social community the opportunity to become an ambassador. Perks include getting discounts for friends, families and followers. Also, you get Gone Beachin’ merchandise and opportunities to be featured on social media. Lastly, you are promoting beach preservation and the mission behind this company.

Get involved with the Gone Beachin’ mission by becoming an ambassador or purchasing merchandise. Ten percent of all proceeds go to the investment in our world’s beaches. Let us know what you have done to help your beach communities!


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