Founders Favorite Pack - Gone Beachin'
Founders Favorite Pack - Gone Beachin'
Founders Favorite Pack - Gone Beachin'
Founders Favorite Pack - Gone Beachin'

Founders Favorite Pack

Gone Beachin'

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Let's open the first Gone Beachin' shop in a Michigan beachtown by reserving a Founders Favorite Pack. The pack you're ordering will have a Great Lakes and Michigan Beachtowns theme. 

  • Gone Beachin' Founders Favorite product bundle
    • Limited edition apparel and merchandise designed for this campaign only
  • West Michigan shoreline road trip kit
    • Gone Beachin' Adventure map to beachin' spots along the Lake Michigan shoreline with locations to pick up location-based Gone Beachin' stickers from shops nearby. Stickers will be free ($5+ value each) when you present your official map. Complete the road trip by getting a stamp on your map from each shop and bring it to the Gone Beachin' shop for a prize.
  • Personalized thank you card from the founder
  • Your name or company added to Wall of Founders in the shop
  • 1 ticket to Founder Pre-Grand Opening celebration

Disclaimer: All products in the bundles will include unique designs and items created for this campaign only. The products have a unisex fitting and will not be available to exchange. Product bundles will be fulfilled by December 2018 and the rest of the reservation will be fulfilled before the shop opens in Spring 2019. If the goal is achieved then refunds will not be accepted. If we do not achieve our goal by the end of summer (September 22, 2018), then your reservation will be cancelled and refunded.

The price is marked as low as possible so you can get the most value out of this campaign. Promo codes are not accepted with purchases of Founder Packs because we would not make enough to achieve our goal of opening the Gone Beachin' shop in a Michigan beachtown. You are welcome to use promo codes on other products, but you must purchase them separately. 

Upgrade to Founders Elite Pack for just $150 more.