Fighter Jet Flight in California

Fighter Jet Rides in California

The California Fighter Jet Ride starts in Los Angeles, and includes Breathtaking Maneuvres. You can even control the fighter jet, this is no simulation. Learn more about the California Fighter Jet Rides.


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The L-39 Jets available for you to fly off near Los Angeles, CA are exactly the ones used in many Hollywood Blockbusters. James Bond and Lord of War are only two examples. And now, you’re next!

Get ready to fly the L-39 Albatros military jet. This L-39 was in many movies and is now available for you to rent.

What’s included in an L-39 flight near Los Angeles, California?

  • Meeting the pilot, discussion of flight program
  • Theoretical Instruction by experienced flight instructors
  • Flight including Loops, Rolls, Immelman, Split-S, Dive, Steep Climb and more
  • Possibilities to control the L-39 jet while airborne under guidance of the pilot-instructor
  • Canyon Runs

Included in the price are also:

  • Access permission to the airfield
  • A flight certificate including the specs of your flight
  • Permission to take pictures and film a movie yourself 

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