Our Mission

Helping beach communities in need

Our mission is simple, but has a massive impact. Our focus is to support beach communities through the Gone Beachin Tribe ambassador program by encouraging and getting our communities actively involved. The Beachin Tribe’s goals include, but are not limited to raising awareness about challenges we’re facing with the ocean, conservation, sustainability, marine life, wildlife, etc.

In 2020, we launched a fundraising platform exclusively for the beach community to give individuals, startups organizations, and non-profits the opportunity to create crowdfunding campaigns for their goals, a friend, or for their favorite charity. The purpose of this is to  help the beach community flourish. Fundraising categories include personal goals, charity, non-profits, beach cleanups, travel, health, sports, startups, etc. Visit Gone Beachin Fundraising to learn more.

Design Partnership & Collaboration Request

Let’s create a custom design inspired for your organization. 5% of the total for every sale of your design will be donated to your organization. Our focus is environmental non-profits, but we make exceptions if there is a good fit.​ This is a program to benefit your organization and it is 100% free.

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