Stepping out of your day-to-day routine is an exciting experience, and everyone has a different image of an epic vacation. Some people like spontaneity and excitement; if something goes awry that is just a part of the adventure. Other travelers prefer routine, plans and detailed expectations of their trip. At Gone Beachin’ we know there is no right way to travel, but there are ways to ensure your vacation goes exactly how you want.

Find your perfect destination


Deciding on a destination is first step to creating an amazing escape. Whether it’s near or far- by the ocean, lake or river- spend time researching. Are you more intrigued by excursions and outings or laying in the sand? Set your priorities and get to searching. Use sites like Gone Beachin’ and Pinterest to find activities and exciting beach opportunities to help guide your decision making.

Balance the Planning


Even if you are a type A sort of planner it is important to leave free time so you don’t feel like your vacation is overstuffed.

  • Instead of planning of an itinerary, choose the main activates in the area that you want to experience and be aware of the best times to do them.
  • Instead of planning specific clothing for each day, research what you will need and if you will have access to laundry and pack accordingly.
  • Lastly, be open about restaurants and dining. Recommendations may come up or plans may change. Only make reservations for a couple of nights.

Allow travel to have a spontaneity about it. Make sure you experience this new place, but do it with as much adventure as possible.

Where to Stay


It is preferable to book accommodations as far in advance as possible. Decide the best type of housing for the experience you want.

  • Airbnb/ HomeAway: Remote places are a great way to experience personal homes and apartments. For a more local experience try out these home leasing places.
  • Hotel: From boutique hotels to chain hotels there are many options and price ranges. Hotels are easy to come by and come in many styles. This will be your easiest find in most places.
  • Hostel: if you are jumping from one city to another this is an economically friendly way to have a nice place to stay. Hostels are also a great way to meet people who are traveling in the area.



To make sure you are not spending too much time worrying about the logistics of your trip plan ahead about. The most important things to figure out are currency, transportation and local customs.

If there is a different type of currency find the best way to attain the amount of money you will need. Research ways that will not cost to much of a conversion rate.

Research if there is local transportation. Otherwise, decide if you would like to rely on car services like Uber or Lyft. If this is not an option plan to rent a car or better yet, drive your own.

Lastly, if the culture is different than your own, understand local customs and maybe learn some basic language. It will make your trip more pleasant as well as expose you to the variety that world offers.

How do you plan for a beach vacation? Let us know in the comments!




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