Family beach trips ensure lasting memories, amazing pictures, but also a little bit of chaos. Bringing the kids to the beach may seem daunting, especially when they are too young to understand the importance of staying safe whilst having fun. Follow these tips and trick to create an unforgettable, hassle free family getaway.

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All vacations start before leaving your front door, getting the suitcase ready and the car packed up are a priority on there own. Stay organized from the minute you begin preparations for your trip. Make a list of the must-haves and put them in set places. Some ideas for creating a hassle free travel experience:

  • Pack liquids in plastic bags so you don’t have to deal with a wet mess if there is a spill
  • Do not pack everything together. Space may be an issue, but as the trip goes on you’ll have a hard time distinguishing your belongings from the kids- have a set place for each persons belongings.
  • Understand what activities you will be experiencing, and pack accordingly.
  • Check the weather, you may need  a jacket for a day or two.

Pinterest and similar sites have hundreds of hacks for specific ages and experiences (our favorites are listed below). Explore ideas for your children’s age range, as well as the place you are visiting to create the ultimate experience.

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Keep safety a priority. No matter how small your children are, remind them regularly of the dangers of the ocean- in a kind, yet serious manner. As a precaution to the trip, get your child swimming lessons so they feel more comfortable being around water, as well as give them a a conscious caution to being in water.

Rip tides and wave sizes can change in an instant, therefore, always keep an eye on any member of your family who is in the ocean. t’s good practice to only swim as beaches with lifeguard protection and obey all their orders and instructions. If you do get caught in a rip current, remain calm and don’t fight the current. No matter how strong a swimmer, the ocean is stronger. Be aware of your loved ones and create a safe space for your vacation.

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Keeping the sand on the beach can be an issue. Thoroughly rinsing off your children and your belongings will make for a clean space, but sometimes taking pieces of the ocean with you is inevitable. A dust pan is a good way to round up all the excess sand, and putting things in air tight bags keeps things protected.

When it comes to meals, plan for extra-hungry and thirsty kids. It’s important to bring along as much sustenance as possible for your children. Frozen juice cartons make awesome slushies once they start thawing. You’ll also want to pack up your cooler with water and lots of healthy snacks like cheese sticks, apples, sliced oranges and grapes. Remember that your kids will likely make friends at the beach, too, so bring extra.

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Encourage your children to be themselves. Once they reach the beach, encourage your them to do what comes naturally and to have fun finding sea creatures in tidal pools, playing with the other kids and enjoying the water and sand. Being out in nature is soul-affirming and liberating. Just keep a watch over your little ones, and enjoy seeing them playing outdoors, especially since it’s away from electronics and games.

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