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End of Summer

Summer is coming to an end, but beachin' season continues year round. Many of you follow and engage with us on Instagram, so you are well aware that the beautiful view of the shoreline is amazing to see when the lakes freeze over and the snow covers the shoreline. In the past our clothing lines have had an emphasis on tees and tanks throughout the entire year. The focus was on our Gone Beachin' Unsalted apparel line in the Spring and Summer and the Gone Beachin' Salted apparel line in the Fall and Winter. We are going to introduce a new design for salted and unsalted featured on a crew neck sweatshirt. SoHa Surf Shop in South Haven, MI has...

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This Summer, Do These Ten Things At The Beach

  There can be nothing better than visiting a beach during a hot summer day; you not only get to enjoy the breeze touching your face, but also fall in love with all the happy people that you are surrounded with. No matter how tired you are, every single muscle of your body feels relaxed when you visit a nice beach, make some new friends and see some happy faces. There is not just one thing that you can do on the beach; here is a list of the top ten things that you can do there: Meet new people and make new friends: Most singles visit different beaches to meet new people, see fresh faces and make new friends....

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Beach Photography: The Magic Hour

  Aside from the experience of being at the beach, capturing beautiful shoreline photos is absolutely fulfilling when the shot is perfect. Many beach enthusiasts who haven't had any previous photography classes are often disappointed when their photos turn out too exposed with clipped highlights destroying the beauty of the moment. Karl Taylor, a well renowned photographer, will show you some tips and tricks to capture the most stunning shots at the beach. Video credits belong to:

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Building the Gone Beachin' Brand

As a growing company we have developed a new initiative called the Gone Beachin' Advocate program. This program enables us to connect with fans through beachin' enthusiasts that love our gear. It is more than a fun way to share cool new products, but gives the Advocates an opportunity for exposure to over 10,000 social media followers. Most importantly becoming a Gone Beachin' Advocate brings beachin' enthusiasts together in the form of a community.   Our brand is more than a stylish graphic on a t-shirt, it's a lifestyle that represents fresh water and ocean lifestyles around the world! We have over 80 Gone Beachin' Advocates across the map. So far our community is mainly based in the US, but...

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Top Ten Items Found During Beach Clean Ups 2015

Countless trash is accumulated by the Ocean Conservancy each year. The infographic below shows the top ten items collected along the shoreline. Do your part and help reduce these numbers so that we can live the lifestyles in a clean environment. This infographic credit belongs to: Check out more infographics like this on their website. Share with us how you have made an impact to help keep our beaches looking beautiful below. Post photos with the hashtags #gonebeachin #keepourbeachesbeautiful for a chance to be featured on our social media and blog.

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